Index of Submissions for MoEF Suno and MoEF Chalo, 13-14 November 2005

13 November, 2005

Environment Ministry v. Environment

Case Studies of Environmental Clearance Violations across the Country

Presented in

MoEF Suno!

A Public Hearing on

Grievances of Communities Affected by Environmental Decision Making on Development Projects

Delhi, 13 November 2005

Organised by

Campaign for Environmental Justice - India

Download the death certificate issued to the MoEF [ PDF; 70KB ] New Delhi, 13th November 2005

Released on 13 November 2005 as part of MoEF SUNO! at Constitutional Club, New Delhi by

Campaign for Environmental Justice - India
F-10/12, Malviyanagar, New Delhi 110017
Tel: 011-26680883, 26680914 Fax: 011-26687724

Submissions have been edited for convenience of compilation and presentation. All substantive material provided as part of submissions have been extracted in good faith.

This material may be reproduced and translated freely. No prior permission is at all required.

Download the entire dossier as a ZIP file [ 1.18 MB ]
Introduction to the dossier [Word, 26K]
EIA Notification, MoEF, 1994 [PDF, 185K]

River Valley Projects

Teesta Lower Dam West Bengal [Word; 45 KB]
Teesta 3 Dam Letter to MoEF [Word; 34 KB]
Teesta 4 Dam Seismicity Critique [Word; 37 KB]
Teesta 5 Dam Sikkim [Word; 55 KB]
Uttaranchal Dams [Word; 37 KB]
Delhi HC Judgement Loharinagpala Dam Uttaranchal [Word; 23 KB]
Athirapally Dam Kerala [Word; 40 KB]
Karcham Wangtoo, Ltr to MEF 050805 [Word; 85 KB]
Allain Duhangan Dam Himachal Pradesh [Word; 35 KB]
Human Dam Maharashtra [Word; 32 KB]
Kali River Valley Karnataka [Word; 54 KB]
Subansiri Dam Assam Arunachal [Word; 72 KB]
Polavaram Dam Andhra Pradesh [Word; 37 KB]
Tipaimukh Dam Manipur PR [Word; 27 KB]
Middle Siang Dam Arunachal Pradesh [Word; 40 KB]
Middle Siang Dam Letter to MoEF [Word; 54 KB]

[ NOTE: In addition to the above documents for the Middle Siang project collated for the dossier, we are also now making available the original unedited versions for the Middle Siang project submitted by Dr. Roy Laifungbam of CORE (Centre for Organisation Research & Education), Manipur ]

Middle Siang Dam, Arunachal Pradesh [Word; 61 KB]
Middle Siang Dam Letter to MoEF [Word; 49 KB]

Mining Projects

Tata Noamundi PH Jharkand [Word; 21 KB]
Jaisalmer Limestone Mining Rajasthan [Word; 20 KB]
Coal Mining PH Jharkand [Word; 25 KB]
Utkal Alumina Kashipur Orissa [Word; 66 KB]
Vedanta Alumina Orissa [Word; 68 KB]

Thermal Power Projects

Jindal Power Chattisgarh [Word; 25 KB]

Industrial Projects

Sterlite Copper Smelter Tamil Nadu [Word; 42 KB]
Mundra SEZ Gujarat [Word; 55 KB]
Sponge Iron Orissa Jharkand [Word; 39 KB]
Solan Cement Himachal [Word; 31 KB]
Jindal Ind Park Chattisgarh [Word; 21 KB]

Infrastructure Projects

Sethusamudram Canal Tamilnadu [Word; 32 KB]
BMIC Infrastructure Karnataka [Word; 48 KB]
Dhamra Port Orissa [Word; 40 KB]
Capitol Complex Manipur Submission [Word; 29 KB]
Capitol Complex Manipur Letter 1 [Word; 28 KB]
Capitol Complex Manipur Letter 2 [Word; 26 KB]
Capitol Complex Manipur Letter 3 [Word; 20 KB]

Nuclear Power Projects

Kalpakkam Nuclear Hindu Report [Word; 22 KB]
Nalgonda Uranium Andhra Pradesh [Word; 27 KB]
Uranium Mining Meghalaya [Word; 25 KB]
Judugada UCIL PH Jharkand [Word; 23 KB]

Open Letters on MoEF Collapse

Open Letter PM 280605 [Word; 44 KB]
Open Letter EIA Committees 070405 [Word; 83 KB]
Open Letter NEP 281004 [Word; 1.4 MB]
Open Letter MoEF rot 180904 [Word; 337 KB]